I created this site because I believe that by changing our way of thinking we can change our whole life. You just have to build a positive way of reacting to bad things that happen in your life and also, appreciate the good. And it’s not coming from someone who never had a bad day in his life and doesnt know what pain is.

The harsh truth is that life has tried to pull me in the negative side in a very sudden and tough way.

But I m still here, feeling stronger and more positive than ever.

If something bad is happening in your life right now, if you are going to, or already have lost someone you love, if someone hurt your feelings, be strong. I cant promise you that things will go as you’d like to, but I can promise you this…

Better days will come, days that you’ll feel stronger and happier than you are right now. Don’t quit. We have all been through situations that hurt us.

It s gonna be ok…


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