Simple things

Hello beloved,

You know what they say. People find happiness in the simplest of things, or that money can’t buy happiness, that love is all we need etc etc…

If happiness is so simple why we cant find it? 

I believe that we think of happiness in a very complicated way. We think that it is not easy to be achieved and there are specific factors that can give you the “permission” of being happy . “Have a big house, a lot of money, be able to buy clothes that are in fashion, be famous, beautiful, smart, work in a high position”… and so much more.

Accept the fact that we cant have them all.

I can’t say that all these things cant make you feel good but it is very important to realise that you can’t spend the rest of your life feeling bad because you do not have some of them. Appreciate the things you already have and work for the things you really want.

So if you do not know where to find happiness open your eyes. It is in front of you. It is in the moment you hug your mum, in the moment you laugh with your friends, it is in your tears when you achieve something you want, it is in a text that made you smile and in a  ray of sunlight that warms up your skin, it is everywhere.

large (5)

And the way to do that it’s simple. When you live a moment like this, do not think of anything else. Live, feel, be there.




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