Positive psychology

I started reading about positive psychology a year ago. It is a relatively new field and its purpose is to enhance the positive feelings of people such as hope, joy, gratitude, love, contentment. Until now, the researchers focused on the negative emotions and in finding ways to eliminate them. But if those two fields become one, then the results would be much more better for people who have lost their way to happiness.


Reading about it made me realize why positivism matters. Not only when we face difficult situations but also when things in our lives are ok and we are still looking for something to make us happy. The reason for this is that nowadays we are looking for external sources of happiness such as buying every new thing that comes on the market or  working like crazy to get a high position. Ok, this will make us feel good for a little while but it is a temporary source of happiness. After a while, we will feel the same. And if we have not find the way to feel happy by searching in ourselves then we will probably need something else to buy to make us happy and that is a circle that never ends.


The key to a life of happiness is creating it inside us. And this is what positive psychology tries to do.


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