A few minutes to yourself

The word yoga comes from the word “yuj” that  means bonding and it means the connection between body and soul with Gods.

Meditation  started about 5000 years ago and it should not be connected with any religion. It is a philosophy that calls people to get to know theirselves better by searching deep inside theirselves to get to know them and their feelings better and then gain the knowledge to control them. In other words it is an exercise of mind. It has been proven that our mind can be trained but it needs a lot of time and effort. So, yoga is a very good way to learn how to communicate with our inner self.


Even if you do not feel like doing yoga, you can spend a fewminutes every night doing meditation. Sit in a comfortable for you position that wont make you feel neither extremely relaxed nor uncomfortable. You should be alert and relaxed at the same time. The best position for this has been proven to be the lotus position but you can meditate in any posture you d like to.


Next step, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Even if you get distracted try to let it go, do not react and continue meditation. As time goes by, you won’t get easily distracted. Focus on your breath and try to calm yourself. You deserve those minutes to calm down and think about nothing. Try to feel no stress and just be present to this perfect moment you spend with yourself.



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