Just a bad time

Hello beloved,


If you’re going through a bad period of time, if you lost someone, or you re hurt by someone, listen to me.

Life is a game full of ups&downs. Maybe what you’ve been through now is the worst period of your life and soon it will get better. tumblr_mbjpainzph1rcj0kuo1_500

We all fight. You may look other people and wonder why ayou are not happy as them? Why you had to go through this? But you do not know what others has also been through. And maybe some people that laugh were once as sad as you are at this moment. And they made it. Time can fix everything. Now you have to fight for yourself and a better day will come. I promise. Because I know..

Be strong. When you go through a bad time you become stronger. When something happens you can handle it, you can remind yourself all these awful moments and realise that it’s gonna be ok. You can help others that are going through bad things. You know which are the right reasons to feel sad. You learn that nothing but health and love are important in this life and that money, beauty and acceptance are just interesting games to spend your time…

You’re gonna laugh again

You’re gonna love again

You’re gonna dance again

You’re gonna feel again

You’re gonna be ok!




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