Find the good

Wait! Before you close your eyes to sleep I want you to do me a favor.

Think of the good moments of this day… It doesnt matter if it was a good or a bad day. Think of those times that you smiled or laughed. They worth remembering.

And share. Talk to the people of nice times in your life. It helps you remember them longer and gives you the impression that you’ve just lived them. And that’s why they make you smile. Talking about them brings back all the feelings you had at that moment.
And why am I telling you to do that? Its simple. You have to make it a habit, an every day thing. You have to teach yourself to make some good thoughts before you sleep so that you can sleep calmly and also wake up in a good mood.

Misery is not a good thing. You have to stop doing it. Life is beautiful. I m telling you. You can either focus on the things that made your day bad or bring back on your mind beautiful and funny moments. And not just for now. Do it for all the things and situations in your life. And if you cant find the good in a bad thing, I m gonna tell you…

It made you who you are. 


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