Tomorrow morning

When a bad or tiring day has finally come to an end and I am not in the best mood I like to plan the things I wanna do in the morning. Simple ideas that will make me sleep in a better mood. To do that I like to watch photos and come up with a different way to drink my morning coffee. Here’s a few ideas for you.

  1. Prepare breakfast for someone you love

large (9).jpg

Wake up a little earlier than you normally do, make coffee, pancakes, (buy some macarons if you are not the best cook) , spice it up with some fruits, put a flower and a smile and go make someone else’s day. It will definitely make yours too!

2. Coffee and morning walk with your dog 

large (8).jpg

Keeps the best company. It wont ask you to order for him or to hurry up with your coffee. You have all the time you want to enjoy your walk and relax. The only problem is that it might ask for your capcake…and who can say no to this face?

3. A different breakfast

large (11)

Coffee and croissants again and again. It is not good for your psychology to follow a routine even if its about your breakfast. More than that, you have to find interesting ways to eat healthier and more in the morning because it can give you energy for a whole day. I m sure you have seen these photos on instagram, tumblr and we heart it. Colorful drinks, fruits, heartshaped pancakes etc. So instead of saying how cute they look, try to prepare a breakfast like these for yourself and it will definitely give you the oppportunity of a worth sharing photo.


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