Nothing’s wrong with fighting


There are days that you do not want to see anyone, you stop answering your phone, you do not talk to your mum, you stay hidden in you bedroom waiting for this bad day to pass. But are you sure this is whats best for you?

People face problems every day and although you may think that what you ve been through is the worst of all, you can hear this words from millions of people.

You may see them laughing in the streets and think to yourself “Oh they are happy but I m not”. But I ensure you, you re wrong.

There are people who struggle in their lives and yet they get up, make coffee and decide to make today a good day. There’s nothing wrong with trying. And being able to laugh should not make you feel guilty if you re facing a difficult period of your life. What we feel inside is another issue.

Tomorrow wake up with this thought:

“I am gonna make this difficult day, a better one”




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