How to deal with distress


You wake up and you are in a very good mood. You put the radio on and you hear about an explosion that killed thousands of people, then on television they say that Earth is in serious danger and something must be done soon. A friend of yours calls to tell you about a car accident that happened yesterday and a child died.

Is it possible to be ok after all these? And if it is, is it right?

Yes it is.

Unfortunately, there are no periods of time that nothing bad happens. Violence, accidents, bad things and people, death existed, exist and will always exist in our lives. So we have to find a way to deal with these problems. Or else, we will feel depressed all the time.

When someone else has a problem you should not make this problem yours. Keep a distance from the feelings that it might cause by not overthinking about it. If a friend has a problem try to be supportive. Not only your friend will feel much better but you will also feel so nice woth yourself for what you have done. If you can not find a solution for him, do little things that will make him smile. Even if they dont he will appreciate that someone is there for him. Make him forget his problem for a little while. It is the best thing you can do.

And when all these bad news come to your ears do not cover them. Learn to accept the problems, find ways to help or solve them and at the exact moment that the thought “life sucks” comes to your mind (because it happens to all of us) try to think about those things that can make you laugh, a moment that you spend with someone you love or a feeling that life gave you and it was the most amazing of all.

Does it still suck?



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