3 habits of a happy life

Hey beloved, Here are some tips if you want to improve your life and become more pructive and postive. Comment down below if you do something and if it works. I d really like to hear from you. 1.Wake up early You may know that sleeping a lot (or at all) is sign of depression... Continue Reading →


Stronger than we think

Hello beloved, It's me again. Recently I took the train to go see a friend of mine. I was lost in my phone like I always do in the train. I was reading an article about a terrorist attack and the truth is I was feeling really sad. At that moment, I was thinking that... Continue Reading →

Simple things

Hello beloved, You know what they say. People find happiness in the simplest of things, or that money can’t buy happiness, that love is all we need etc etc… If happiness is so simple why we cant find it?  I believe that we think of happiness in a very complicated way. We think that it... Continue Reading →

Just a bad time

Hello beloved,   If you're going through a bad period of time, if you lost someone, or you re hurt by someone, listen to me. Life is a game full of ups&downs. Maybe what you've been through now is the worst period of your life and soon it will get better.  We all fight. You may look... Continue Reading →

Find the good

Wait! Before you close your eyes to sleep I want you to do me a favor. Think of the good moments of this day... It doesnt matter if it was a good or a bad day. Think of those times that you smiled or laughed. They worth remembering. And share. Talk to the people of nice times... Continue Reading →

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